вторник, 9 марта 2010 г.

Сегодня заполняла интересную анкету и там был вопрос ответом на который я хочу с Вами поделиться:

 If you could have dinner with any one person alive or dead, who would you select and why?
if i could have a dinner with a person i respect i would like to meet with Michael Jackson. i think this person had a great idea. what is more, he brought it into life. no matter what color, religion or age the person is, every body has an equal rights to life. and i think his life shows us that nothing is impossible.  we can see that strong belief in an affair and hard work have brought results of success. how many persons do you know who gather thousands of people together? his songs are his philosophy: "What have we done to the world?" still sounds at the radio. " There comes a time when we hear a certain call, When the world must come together as one". i find these songs of deep meaning. he called everybody not to be indifferent to worldwide problems. at the dinner i`d like to thank him for his intention to call all people try to make world better and also i`d like to ask him how he succeeded to stay with love and care to all people in his heart after trials of his life.
С любовью, Ирина

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  1. Я бы пообедала С Юнгом. Почему? Потому что у меня к нему очень много вопросов в связи с прочтением его книг)) И потому что для меня он один из самых великих умов двадцатого века. Наравне с Эйнштеном и другими.